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In general, applicants for a contractor's license must pass a two-part exam:

The Law Exam covers license, lien, and labor law (including worker's compensation and payroll taxes, and business management.)

The Trade Exam (including "A", "B" and any C type) covers the contractor's trade classification. For example, a plumber is tested on the "Uniform Plumbing Code, plumbing tools, materials, equipment, trade practices, safety procedures, and plans and specifications".

Each Trade manual includes a review of basic math and estimating formulas, Cal/OSHA regulations, and summaries of trade literature relating to a specific State exam. For example, the Electrical (C-10) trade manual contains summaries of literature dealing with electrical theory, materials, tools, equipment, meters, plan and circuit symbols, the National Electrical Code, and other topics covered on the State C-10 exam.

The California Contractor School's materials are composed of:  

1. Law and Business Study manual for Contractor Law course
2. Trade Manual (for General Building B or C Trade Courses)
3. State License Exam practice exam questions and answers.
4. Trade DVD goes with course lectures
5. Health & Safety DVD
6. State License Exam Application plus sample filled out application forms
7. Optionally, the California Contractors License Law and Reference Book (Ref. Book) is available for purchase.  

The Law and Business and Trade manuals are supplemented by a series of DVDs. The Law and Business lectures discuss the chapters in the Law and Business Manual.

The Trade Series features the Math Review section, covering general math topics such as units of measurements, areas and circumference of different shapes of objects. Some Trade lectures covering general health & safety topics (e.g. Cal/OSHA) found in all trade manuals, in addition to lectures focusing on the information in specific manuals (e.g. the C-10 manual).  
For B and Law, you have 2 DVDs. For others you get one DVD, except noted.

Note: Not all courses come with DVDs.

All courses include the Health & Safety DVD if applicable 

We do NOT have live classes.




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